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Sage Payload Fly Rods

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If you're chasing murray cod, barra, bass, tarpon, and any other predatory species, this rod is a solid choice. Designed with a stiff tip and softer butt section, the rod is perfect for picking up large amounts of line. If you're using sink tip lines or fishing in situations where quick distance re-casts are necessary this rod will be your best friend. The softer butt section keeps your loops wider which makes delivering large air resistant flies a breeze. We recommend jumping up one line size to properly load up this beast of a fly rod. The Scientific Anglers Titan taper lines are the perfect match.

Comes complete with a rod tube, and of course, Sage's unmatched premium lifetime warranty.



  • Tailored for casting large or wind resistant flies
  • Increased pick-up of heavy line off the water
  • More leverage for fighting powerful fish

Big fish, big fly. While not always the case, this rule does ring true for many warmwater and saltwater fisheries with anglers casting larger flies than ever before. With a powerful but comfortable casting action, the new PAYLOAD series of rods are designed to help anglers cast those heavy lines and big flies more effectively. Whether launching a double-articulated streamer to the far bank with the 689-4 or dredging the Sacramento Delta with the 989-4, anglers will notice how easy it is to hurl a heavy line and big fly with the PAYLOAD.

Featuring a fast action for casting large flies and very powerful tip to help pick up heavy lines off the water, the PAYLOAD is tuned for the extreme. These powerful mid sections then transition to a more forgiving butt that allows for a slower and more relaxed casting stroke that reduces fatigue. This softer butt section also allows for more leverage while fighting fish, making it easier to gain ground on hard fighting species. The slightly shorter lengths offer a more effortless cast through a shorter lever and is better for landing fish out of a boat over a traditional 9’0” rod.



  • Konnetic Technology
  • Tannin blank colour
  • Burgundy primary thread wraps with Bronze trim wraps
  • Tangle Free Fuji ceramic stripper guides
  • Oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top
  • Heavy-duty aluminium up-locking reel seat to withstand rugged environments
  • Super Plus full-wells cork handle
  • Cork composite fighting butt with extended 3” rear grip on the 10+ and 11+ sizes
  • Black ballistic rod tube with embroidered logo
  • 4 piece
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