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Trout Scout Indicators

Color: Orange

The TroutScout Strike Indicator is the best tool for scouting trophies in any situation. And now, you can get five indicators of your favourite colour offering!

We stock it in two of the best colours including Sky (blue) and Blaze (Orange)

Sky – Situationally chosen to naturally blend with the wide-open skies. You'll be amazed how well this colour stands out to you - but not to those wary trout.

Blaze – Among the brightest and most visible indicator options. Without a doubt this is the most preferred colour available.

More aerodynamic in casting, no kink in the line, easy on – easy off & easy to move.  Best of all – flawless directionality.  Always attach the indicator with long end facing flies. It shows even the slightest strikes, and points to where your flies are in that perfect drift at all times.  Spend less time snagging that underwater branch or rock, and more time nailing that drift – and catching that PIG!

Our View
These indicators from TroutScout are incredibly innovative and they work better than anything else we've come across. Place your line through the hinge with the long end facing towards your fly. Clamped shut the indicator capsule is airtight so you get great floatation. By far the easiest indicator to use and we can't wait to see what they bring out next!
5 indicators per pack.