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Enrico Puglisi Top Water Black/Purple #2/0

Enrico Puglisi Top Water Flies are gurgler flies. The foam in this fly is wide enough to keep it suspended when paused, but still thin enough to be aerodynamic. The folded front section makes a solid pop and moves a lot of water when stripped. The movement from the Enrico Puglisi Craft Fur Brush tail gives these top water flies that extra energy. Ideal for fishing peacock bass, largemouth bass, backcountry snook, and juvenile tarpon species. Enrico only uses Gamakatsu hooks on all his flies. Enrico's synthetic materials have proven to be the most practical and effective in producing successful saltwater flies. Enrico guarantees his flies because they continue to inspire fly fishermen with their beauty and originality and continue to catch fish with the effectiveness of the imitation.