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The Flyfisher 299 Outfit (5 or 6 Weight)

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Unbeatable value for money and a perfect starting point for you foray into flyfishing.

Of all the items in our store, our in-store packaged outfits are the product for which we're most proud. We pour a huge amount of time and effort into putting these packages together so someone starting out in flyfishing begins with gear that accelerates their learning and optimises enjoyment. There are many pre-packaged outfits available to us, but we prefer to select and match items without being confined to just one brand. After all, it's unlikely the best fly rod company would also be the best fly line company...

Our outfits evolve every year as new rods, reels and lines become available and that's why our outfits will always offer the best performance for dollar.

If you find you get right into flyfishing, it's inevitable you'll add to your collection with rods in different line weights as you look for more specialised tools for the flyfishing situations you wish to tackle. However, of all the rod weights out there, the 9ft 6 weight is the easiest to cast and the most versatile. The 6 weight is capable in most situations and is ideal on larger rivers and lakes. For an Australian trout flyfisher, you'll find that even if you do expand your range of rods, the 6 weight will always see lots of use.

Currently, this is what we offer in our The Flyfisher 299 Outfit.

ROD - Eden Apprentice 9ft 6 weight, Airflo Atom 9ft 5 Weight, or Eden Apprentice 8'6" 5 weight 4pc Fly Rod. ($249.95RRP)
These rod models feature a medium action which makes it ideal to learn to cast with. They are deep loading and to a beginner caster, this will help them learn the timing and gain distance in their cast early.

REEL - Eden ST 4/6 Fly Reel ($79.95RRP)
The Eden GLA reels are quite frankly, pretty basic. What they lack in glitz they make up for in solid performance and value. Their body is made of strong composite material and they have a mid-arbor design to increase line retrieval speed. Where these reels stand-out from the competition (in this price range) is their drag. It's silky smooth function will help the beginner to experienced anglers play fish with confidence.

LINE - Cortland 444 Fly Line ($119.95RRP)
These lines load the road at close range so you can feel the rod flex. They float well and have impressive durability.

LEADER & BACKING - Scientific Anglers 30lb Dacron and Frog Hair Stiff Butt Supple Tip Leader ($29.95RRP)
Whether you're spending a thousand dollars on an outfit or $299, this is our preferred leader and backing setup. The Stiff Butt Frog Hair leaders make turning over your fly easy.


We offer this outfit in line weights 5 and 6 to cover the different flyfishing styles and situations you're likely to encounter as a beginner.

Of course, we've tried to keep this as simple as possible. If you'd like further or more in-depth advice based on where you're fishing, feel free to give us a call on (03)96211246. This isn't buying broccoli at the grocery store - it's far more important... and fun! Just remember that we're here to help and we love talking flyfishing... so get in touch!

5 Weight Outfit

The most popular line weight the world over, a 5 weight has the power to make learning to cast easy, and allows you to fish bigger rivers and lakes. If you're just starting out, this would be the minimum weight we'd suggest starting with. With a 5, you'll be able to get the fly where it needs to be to catch fish, sooner than if you start with something lighter. A 5 weight is ideal for casting a bit of weight or an air resistant indicator and it can cope well in wind. It's not the ideal choice, but it can be used for the majority of lake fishing as well. A true all-rounder.

6 Weight Outfit

We recommend a 6 for quick, accurate casting on lakes, fishing streamers, for bigger rivers where we might be fishing heavy nymphs, and for fishing in windy places like Tassie or New Zealand. A 6 weight is also perfect for fishing from a boat if that's your jam. If you could pick one line weight to learn to cast with, the 6 weight is the one... but equally, it's a rod that will see a lot of fishing, as trout seem to love windy places...!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The flyfisher 299 combo

Got a chance to finally use this setup to learn how to flyfish. Even snagged a few small fish while learning to cast. Great bit of kit for a beginner. One thing i will mention is that the reel allowed line to pass through the housing a couple times. Had to pull the spool out to sort it. Also on the invoice it didn't have an itemised list of all the components of the combo. So i have no idea what backing, fly line, or leader is on my reel. Great product overall though and will definitely shop with you again. Thanks


I am new to fly fishing this combo has been great. Would like a rod and reel cover in one so reel can stay on rod each time it is packed up.

Morten Hansen

Great product

Bruce Kemp
Great way to start

With 60 years of fishing experience , and i mean many many forms of fishing nearly every week! I decided to follow some well knowledgable friends and join them fly fishing.I started with this simple package of rod and reel and fly The Flyfisher 299 Outfit. First session was scrappy. The next day 5 nice trout on dry fly. Great way to get into fly fishing. Couldn’t fault the gear , excellent.