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Sage/Rio day with Simon Gawesworth. November 4th 2018


Here is a rough itinerary of the day's proceedings.
10 am - SIMON GAWESWORTH talks line tapers and their ideal applications.
Midday - Red Tag Club BBQ
Afternoon -  Test cast Rio lines and Sage rods. Bring your own rod for comparison! - try your luck in the Rio Casting Olympics!

For trout guys, there will be five Sage 'X' 5wt fly rods loaded with five different RIO lines. For salties, five Sage 'Salt HD' 9wt rods with five different RIO lines.
Simon Gawesworth will be available for discussion and casting instruction.
5wt and 9wt lines will be available for casting. Including RIO's new 5wt Trout Spey lines AND InTouch Outbound Short, Single Hand Spey, Grand, Gold and Perception. In 9wt,  DirectCore Bonefish, Flats Pro, Bonefish QuickShooter, InTouch Outbound Short.

Additionally, everyone has a chance to win during the RIO Casting Olympics.
There will be great prizes on the day, and an Australian grand champ prize consisting of more than $1000 worth of RIO gear!
There will be three challenges a varying difficulty and so everyone can participate regardless of skill level.
Scores from each challenge will be tallyed up to a maximum score of 180 points. 

The Permit Challenge 
Outfit: 9wt Sage fly rod loaded with a RIO DirectCore Flats Pro line, and 9ft 20lb SW leader.
Part 1/ACCURACY - There will be a small target and a large target. Casters get 3 casts – 2 off one side of their body and 1 off the other side. 20 points will be awarded for the small target, and 10 points for large.
Part 2/DISTANCE - Caster has 2 long distance shots at the rope. If they pass the rope with the fly, they get 10 points, if they land the line on the rope, and the fly passes, they get 20 points. Competitor must start with fly in hand for first cast.
2 Practice casts at target and at rope allowed before starting.
Flip Flop Challenge
 3wt Sage rod loaded with a RIO DirectCore Flats Pro WF10 AND a 10wt Sage rod loaded with a RIO InTouch Trout LT WF3F line. Each will have a 9ft 3X leader on. 
Casters get 3 casts with each outfit. Where the fly lands is marked with a flag/stake. The longest cast with each outfit is measured. 1 point per foot. Highest combined score wins. No practice allowed!
Tricky Trout
Outfit: 3wt Sage rod loaded with a RIO Trout LT WF3F line and 7.5ft 4X leader.
Layout: 3 double targets (large hoop, with smaller hoop inside) set at 15ft, 25ft and 35ft on grass. Two targets will have obstacles that make for a tricky cast. One obstacle behind the caster, one in front of a hoop that a caster has to cast under, or around, to hit the hoop. A timer is on hand.
Event: Casters get 3 casts at each target, and score 20 points for small target and 10 points for large target. The competitor must start with fly in hand for first cast. 2 practice casts at each target are allowed before starting.
All scores combined to make the final total. Maximum score is 180 points. In the event of a tie, the fastest wins


Our View

Don't miss this one. Lots of activities and casting guru Simon Gawesworth sharing his knowedge