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Semperfli No Tack UV Thin & Fast


There are resins on the market however some simply do not set right through the resin, some are tacky and their manufacturers advise varnish on top. Some resins do not cure all the way through, as a result, water ingress into the fly through the uncured resin results in the fly materials falling apart.

The Semperfli team looked at the products available and decided to develop its own range of resins. Our design specifications were that it must be a fast setting and have a hard glossy surface. The name was obvious, No Tack UV Resin. We worked with chemists and manufacturers to ensure that we developed a resin that was thin, getting into all of the Fibers and strands of the head of a fly and setting right through the resin leaving no ‘uncured’ resin below the surface ensuring that the resin holds the fly together.

No Tack has among the fastest cure times of any UV Resin on the market! 3 to 10 seconds using a 395nm torch, longer with a 365nm torch.

  • Set with 365 to 395nm UV Torch
  • Cure time 3 secs to 10 seconds (depending on torch strength)
  • Alternatively leave in sunlight for slow cure
  • 20ml per bottle
  • Store at 8c to 28c