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Secret Creek: Friendships, Pheromones and Fly-Fishing

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'Secret Creek' is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever wondered about the intriguing sport of fly-fishing and how to break through the mystery surrounding this fabulous past-time. 'Secret Creek' is the result of the author's considerable fly fishing experience both in Australia and New Zealand. There are amusing anecdotes including why women always seem to catch more fish than their men ! There is loads of how-to information but the instruction is just part of the picture. Readers will find out what is really needed to progress towards mastering the sport.

Along the way friendships are made, lessons learned and adventures shared. As Paul Miller says ..."Every fly-fisher deserves a secret creek. Not necessarily a place completely unknown to others, but a place you can get to know and feel a part of. A place that you can take a trusted friend and share together unselfishly, but still feel as though it is your own special place; an escape from the hurly-burly world in which we live. A place where time seems to stand still and old fashioned values still seem appropriate" Highly regarded Australian artist Glen Preece has illustrated 'Secret Creek' with superb pencil sketches and the misty morning photograph on the front cover. Glen is also a talented fly-fisherman and his visual contributions to 'Secret Creek' are considerable.

Paul Miller is President of Fly Fishers in the Southern Highlands, a Life Member of Fly Fish Australia and has twice been a member of the New South Wales Fly-Fishing team. He shares his experiences with readers in a way that is more whisper than wallop, but his enthusiasm is infectious and there are subtle messages for even the most experienced anglers. 'Secret Creek' provides a taste of the superb fly-fishing to be found in Australia and New Zealand and carries on the tradition of so many American, English and Australian authors who have shared their passion for fishing with the fly.