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Primal Stash 6 piece Fly Rod

by Primal

Our View

If you don't have a six piece fly rod you really need to reconsider a few things. The Primal Stash is one of the most exciting rods we've seen in a very long time. Upon the first cast, you would never guess it is a six piece rod. All the ferrules are perfectly spaced, creating an amazingly smooth action with a beautiful bend. This rod is perfect for backcountry exploration, fitting into a short light tube. Fish those remote river, easily pack a fly rod on any trip, and always have a rod at the ready in the back of the car. The Primal Stash will be an invaluable addition to your arsenal.


The new Primal Stash six piece fly rod is the ultimate sneaky 9ft five weight to tuck away in your luggage, car, pack for when the fishy moments present themselves. Let us conceptualise a few scenarios for you...


Fly fisherman are a danger on the roads when it comes to bridges that cross rivers. It's impossible for us to not slow down to take a peak and see how clear the river is running, if anyone is fishing or...if you time it just right, a fish is rising. Well remember that six piece Primal Stash fly rod you have living in the boot of the car? It would be rude not to...


You've planned a romantic getaway with your significant other that doesn't have fly fishing as part of the agenda, so packing a four piece fly rod in your bag might be rather conspicuous and controversial under the circumstances. A six piece Primal Stash however is just the ticket for hiding away in your bag under your socks and undies and will be put to good use while "someone" goes and treats themself to a two hour long massage. Pack at your own risk.


Going into the back country for a walk is one of life’s great pleasures and sometimes it's nice to do just that, go for a walk. More often than not we plan full on fly fishing trips or hunting trips into the hills and don't really get to spend the time relaxing like we should. But no-one wants to go all that way and then come across a fish of a lifetime happily swinging away in a pool without a care in the world and not be able to have a crack at it. Well in this situation you'd just dump the pack, pull out the Primal Stash rod and you're ready to go after that trophy trout. Too easy