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Overton's Wonder Wax

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Overton's Wonder Wax hit the world stage in 1974. Debuting as the best dubbing wax ever developed. Since then all other dubbing waxes have tried to replicate what Glenn Overton created. Overton's Wonder Wax is the standard by which all others are measured. It has been out of production for over 30 years, yet reigns as king. After a long hiatus, we are pleased to announce that Overton's Wonder Wax is back in production. Glenn himself has overseen the setup and production of his coveted wax. This new wax is created from Glenn's exacting standards and vision. It is exactly the way Glenn intended it to be. Overton's Wonder Wax is a magnetic adhesive fly tying wax that sticks only when and where you need it.

Our View
Once you try Overton's Wonder Wax there's no going back, you will always have to tie with it. The stuff is that GOOD!