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Orvis Helios 3D Fly Rods

by Orvis
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Believe the hype... The Helios 3D is an incredible range of fast action rods and most of our staff here fish them by choice.





  • Features include: H3 Tracking / H3 Damping / H3 Hoop Strength / H3 Deflection (for more information, Check out the features Tab)

  • Comes with rod cloth & Rod Tube (DOES NOT COME WITH THE REEL !!)

  • Grip & Chart Size:

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Doug Leoni

As always fantastic service and an absolutely sensational fishing rod

Mark Sedgley

I’m giving it 4 stars as I have only used it twice and it’s very different to my other rods. Still learning how to cast with this rod, very different feel to what I have used before. Certainly can cast a lot further, but the loading of the rod with a very heavy front end tapered line is challenging.

Scott Raggatt
Spectacular rod

‘’We designed the Helios 3D fly rod to cast at impressive distances without sacrificing power—and it hits the mark every time’’
‘’The H3D rod churns out precise casts that are the stuff of legend’’
‘’Get the most accurate fly rod in existence’’
The accuracy of a fly cast is in the hands of the person casting, not the fly rod itself. With the correct technique, I can cast low-end cheap rod just as accurately as a high-end one.
This marketing narrative from Orvis is hoodwinking customers into thinking this rod will miraculously turn a poor cast into pinpoint accuracy. Not true. In my first few weeks using this rod I put many poor casts out, and some very good ones, none of which had anything to do with the rod.
After shifting from an alternate top brand, it took me some time to adjust to. But once I became accustomed to its feel (6wt D model - using SA Amplitude 6WF line) the outfit is an absolute pleasure to use.
I love it.
My message to Orvis…while this is a spectacular product there is no substitute for correct casting technique to achieve accuracy.
Scott Raggatt

James burnes
Orvis 6 wt D

What a magnificent rod. Just spent 10 days in New Zealand, casting double nymph rigs, large streamers and small drys. it excels at all of the above. it can be as delicate as you want or smash out a beaded nymph 70 feet. truly inspiring