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Metz #3 Neck Hackle

by Metz

Hundreds of feathers per cape ranging from 2-7 inches in length. The perfect balance of black and white in grizzly variants and a barb density that other growers can only dream of. Feather stems that are strong and flexible and very thin.

In the early 1970’s, Metz revolutionized the fly tying world by introducing the first genetically engineered hackle to the fly fishing industry. From the moment Metz necks were first viewed by a large cataloguer in New England, the fly fishing world knew that something special was coming to the market. First to produce true “dry fly quality” hackle, in a complete range of colors. A product that enabled fly tyers everywhere to imitate the natural insects more precisely than ever before. A product that enabled fly fisherman everywhere to float their “dries” higher and longer, staying drier longer, than ever before. Long before artificial floatants became the norm, Metz hackles were floating dries through the fastest of riffles. Stiff barbs, web free hackles, flexible stems, and a complete range of sizes are still the benchmark developed by Metz by which all other hackles are compared. Deep, natural consistent colors are the Metz trademark. No other company can reproduce consistently the colors offered by Metz. Stringent breeder selections coupled with strict grading procedures, guarantees top quality hackle, every time. This translates into quality fly tying experiences, and quality flies. Quality has always been synonymous with Metz.

Our View
Neck hackles are the perfect choice for you tying kit. You'll get a far better range of sizes in these necks than getting a saddle and slightly softer barbs ensure your flies won't "helicopter" and twist your leader.
Mostly feathers in size 12-16 with a smaller selection #18 and smaller, and #10 and larger...