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Loon Hydrostop Floatant

by Loon

Hydrostop permanently treats new flies with a floatant. Coming in a conveniently large container hundreds of flies can be treated, dozens at a time. Flies allowed to soak for 5 minutes and then dried overnight will float higher when they are used. Perfect for yarn-type indicators as well as pre-treating dubbing.

Directions for use:

Remove cap. Fill container with dry flies, indicators, etc. Let soak for 5 minutes. Remove flies, indicator, etc and let dry overnight.

Our View
This is a permanent waterproof treatment that should be used by all dry fly fishers. This stuff is hopeless if you want to use it bankside, but as a treatment you do before putting any new flies in your fly box it rocks. Use in conjunction with a gel floatant for the ultimate in fly floatation and best of all, your sparsely tied flies will float how the should.
  • Permanent waterproofing treatment for flies
  • Large mouth container to treat dozens of flies at a time
  • Great for waterproofing indicators, dubbing, etc