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Lamson Speedster S Ember Reels & Spools


Speedster S is our hot rod reel with the largest diameter and highest retrieve rate in any given line weight. The S series reels have re-designed spool architecture that maintains this high level of performance while reducing overall weight by 20%. It has the highest retrieve rate in any given line weight of all the Waterworks Lamson reels. The incredibly lightweight machined aluminium reel will balance the lightest of today's rods and give you the retrieval rate to keep up on line management. The Speedster S employs the same proven drag from past models and each reel can be switched from right to left hand retrieve with ease. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and assembled in Boise, Idaho.

Our View

The Speedster series have always been particularly awesome reels. It's a true marvel to see such a lightweight reel with high line capacity and huge retrieval rate. Lamson kept everything that made the speedsters exceptional but found a way to narrow the reel without losing capacity. With the 20% reduction in weight, the Speedster S is a feather and the new sleek colours are sure to grab your attention. 

3+ 3.28” 0.90" 3.2 oz 2, 3, 4 WF4 50yds #20
5+ 3.65" 1.00" 3.83 oz 4, 5, 6 WF6 100yds #20
7+ 3.97" 1.12" 4.73 oz 6, 7, 8 WF8 180yds #20
9+ 4.29" 1.25" 5.70 oz 8, 9, 10 WF10 220yds #30