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Hareline Dubbin Mega Tying Pad


The dimpled surface of this nice, big Hareline mega tying pad will keep your hooks and beads from rolling or sliding away. The smooth surface on the reverse side can be used for adhesives or epoxy and they will not stick, making it easy to clean. Great for setting up your work space and protecting the finish on your home tying bench.

The Harelien Mega Tying Pad measures 18″ X 24″ Comes rolled up for shipping, but flattens out quickly when left on a flat surface.
Some caution should be taken with the silicone base on certain wood varnishes. If you have acrylic paint on your desk do not use this pad, there is a weird reaction between the silicone and the acrylic. Check it doesn’t damage the finish of your beloved tying bench before leaving it sit there for months on end.

Our View
No more stray hooks on the floor, no more beads rolling off the bench. Keep all your small materials in a safe position with this pad.
Harelien Mega Tying Pad measures 18″ X 24″