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Tacky 'Flydrophobic SD' Box

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We don’t call this box the most innovative fly box ever built for no reason.

From it’s waterproof and breathable nature, to the silicone mat and anchoring system. The box not only looks amazing, but it is packed full of functional innovation.

Our View

Guilty of putting wet flies back in the box? Us too.

This uniquely waterproof and breathable fly box is the perfect solution! Allow your flies to dry inside the protection of this hinge locked, hard exterior case.


Waterproof Seal & Closure

The latchless, waterproof seal is the first of its kind in any fly box. The gasket not only keeps the moisture out, but is engineered with such precision that it securely holds the box closed, acting as the closure system as well.

eVent Fabric

The interior of the box lid is lined with eVent fabric. This fabric keeps moisture out of the box while still allowing moisture to escape. That’s right, it allows the box to breathe.

What makes the eVent fabric truly unique is the billions of microscopic pores built into it’s proprietary membrane that work instantly to vent water vapor that builds up inside the box.

  • Holds between 66 and 100 flies, depending on size
  • 7″  x  4″  x  1“
  • 8 oz