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Cortland Competition Series Seek Type 3 Line


Our view

Competition anglers, and those looking to get the most out of their wet fly fishing, will usually have 3 fly lines available for use on lakes; an intermediate, a sink 3, and a sink 5.

The intermediate is the slowest sinking of these lines at around 1 inch per second - perfect for effectively fishing just beneath the surface and the top few feet of the water column.

The sink 3 sinks slightly more quickly at around 3 inches per second. It is thus fantastic for fishing the middle of the water column, down to 9 feet with a moderately paced retrieve.

The sink 5 sinks very quickly at 5 inches per second, and is thus suitable for fishing water beyond 9 feet. It is the perfect line to use when looking to fish wet flies lower in the water column, no matter how quickly you choose to retrieve them.

Their View

  • Sink Rate 3 - 4 IPS (inches per second)
  • Slow Sinking Tip 
  • Fast Sinking Belly

Built with a heavier mid-section and lighter tip, great for searching various depths on the descent. Perfect for when fish are slightly below the surface and deeper.