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Bassano Fur Fly Large (BARBLESS)


Tassie flyfishing guide Christopher Bassano on his Fur fly...

This is one of my best two flies when fishing early in the season. Originally designed and tied by Rob Sloan, the fur fly is effective today as it was all those years ago. The design of this fly enables it to sink slowly when sticks and twigs are an issue and water levels high. The fur pulsates when the fly is pulled and stopped, making a wonderful frog imitation.

Whether in the western lakes, Little Pine, Bronte or any other water with shallow flats, this is often my fly of choice. Don't be surprised if the fly is also eaten "dry" as it floats after it lands.

As an additional bonus, I have also used this fly to great effect on Lake Eucumbene during low light as a middle imitation. The versatility of this fly is such that it is also a great top dropper fly when pulling wet flies from a boat or when fishing off the shore. Low slow draws with long pauses brings the best results. Barbless.

Our View
This is a must have fly for chasing tailers early season.
Size #12