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CF-2508-F Medium Fly Box

Color: Grey

Medium size waterproof fly box with 8 rows of micro-slit foam on four faces

Dimensions - Width 155mm, Height 105mm, Depth 40mm

Our View
This box from C&F Design is our best selling fly box. Huge capacity and ideal size for everyday trout flies.


• 4 Micro Slit Foam faces, with 8 pockets.

•A large capacity midge box.

•weight : 144g
•with : 752 Slits
•color :OW

Micro Slit Foam is a proprietery foam C&F DESIGN created for better function. 
Using our slotted high-density foam, the box securely holds flies without damaging fly or foam.

•Ergonomic Rounded Corners
Our WaterProof Fly Case has large fly capacity, but smooth in handling thanks to the ergonomic rounded corners.
•Large Buckle and Rippled Surface
Large buckle and rippled surface make case easier to handle for glove or we hand.
•Silicone Packing
Silicone packing which surround case is protect from moisture very well.
•Optional Flip Parts
C&F WaterProof Fly Case with a Flip that almost doubles the capacity.