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C&F Design CFGS 3500 Large Fly Box


Large waterproof box with 2 Micro Slit Foam faces and 54 slits that run the whole length of foam allowing efficient storage of flies with odd length. i.e. Crabs to clousers.

Dimensions - Width 197mm, Height 114mm, Depth 42mm

Our View
High quality fly box ideal for all kinds of saltwater flies. This is our most popular saltwater fly box.

・ Two Micro Slit Foam Faces
・ Designed for large saltwater streamers and tarpon flies
・ Small holes help locate Micro Slits
・ Optimal slit pitch and foam thickness to hold heavy-wire hooks securely
・ Patented Design

•The case for medium to large salt water streamers, even tarpon flies.
•weight : 200g
•with : 54 Slits
•color : SB