We see a few new brands come on the scene every year and honestly, most have little to offer in the way of truely innovative products. Einarsson originally peaked our interest with their Invictus range of reels that features a drag that starts off with a little pressure then builds up to it's actual drag setting. A lot of companies spruke start up inertia but that's useless if it's so abrupt it results in broken tippets and this is where the Invictus drag is just so good.  It turns out their standard drag in the Plus series is as good or better than any other brand of reel we sell too so look out, Einarsson are here to stay!

Einarsson Fly Fishing is born out of the fanatical pursuit of fly fishing and a passion for exemplary engineering. The pedigree of this company is firmly rooted in 25 years of manual and automated machining/engineering combined with a lifetime of fly fishing and guiding.

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