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The Flyfisher - Our Tips on How to Have a Great First Boating Experience

The Flyfisher - Our Tips on How to Have a Great First Boating Experience

Have you just purchased your first brand-new boat? If so, we understand the excitement you're going through. You're itching to get it into the water and take it out for a ride, and we can't blame you. However, if you’ve never taken a boat out before, there are some beginner tips that you must know to ensure that your first excursion is not only enjoyable, but safe!

Bring the Essentials

Whenever you go out boating, you will need to bring the essentials with you. These include a supply of drinking water, a first-aid kit, extra fuel, flare kits, bailing devices, inflatables, a map, and lights such as navigation lights and flashlights. Though you may not end up using any of these things, they will come in extremely handy during an emergency. It might be the difference between coming home safe and sound versus not making it.

Take Note of the Weather

You must always check the weather before you head out for your boating session. You should also do so on the morning of your excursion, and again right before you head out. This is because the weather can be incredibly unpredictable, and you don’t want to be caught in terrible weather when boating. Even during a boating trip, the weather can change drastically. As such, you should carry a marine radio for your communication needs, where your mobile phone is a backup. Through the radio, you can receive weather updates and take immediate action.

Keep in mind that if you plan to boat over two nautical miles offshore, you will need an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) registered with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Lifejackets Are Mandatory

Lifejackets are a must. These will keep you alive if there is no vessel that you can stay on should you abandon ship. Lifejackets should be worn even before you head offshore, especially when boating with children.

While at the docks, children should wear life jackets in case they fall into the waters, which is a much more common occurrence than you think. Also, ensure life jackets are fitted correctly, and come with features like a head support collar, a loop for grabbing the child out of the water, and a crotch strap that's fastened at all times.


There are plenty of other tips we can give you to ensure a fun and safe first boating trip. These include practicing mooring your boat, learning how to get off the boat ramp to avoid stalling everyone else, and more. Keep in mind the tips we've shared with you, and apply them when you do go out boating. This way, everyone can sit back and relax, enjoying the warm sun and beautiful waters with little to no worry.

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